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We are a leading boutique communication and marketing studio in Mauritius, with a significant and broad based footprint in the real estate business, commercial and property residential markets.

Over the past decade we have worked with the country's most renowned property developers, architects, engineers, interior designers and landscapers that provide fully integrated design Services on a large number of innovative projects across Mauritius.

Increasingly, our experience, skills and talent are being recognized and are also being sought in non-real estate projects, where the capacity to communicate powerfully has become a key element for success.

Our clients value our tailored Services and high quality standards and are willing to entrust us with their projects for strong, stable and economic returns. We measure the value of our work by the effectiveness of our marketing tools and by the achievement of our clients in meeting their business objectives.

Our Vision Our Vision

Become a valued partner for challenging, international projects in the marketing communication industry.

Our Mission Our Mission

Developing innovative products, cutting-edge sustainable technologies, impactful and avant-garde solutions that convey concepts successfully.

Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

Team Spirit
We understand and respect each other's role and responsibilities in the XWORX Team. We trust and support each other with humility, collaborate and work towards a common goal.

We aim at mastering Services! We implement a business-like attitude & a good behavior in our relations with clients, partners and colleagues.

WOW effect
We are committed to WOW the client throughout the XWORX Experience.